Summer D.

There are so many things that make CDSW special, the caring teachers and staff and fantastic sense of community are two things that I feel really set it apart. What amazes me most is how much my children learn, without ever realizing they were doing anything more than playing and having fun. We couldn’t be happier with our experience at CDSW!

Rebecca D.

In three years at CDSW, our children have blossomed as individuals and also as members of a community of peers. We are grateful to the school, the teachers, and the families for helping our kids to become lifelong learners and conscientious people.

Margaret O.

The warm staff, the nurturing teachers, and the always welcoming environment make CDSW, hands down, the best preschool in town! The smile on my daughter’s face, each and every day, says it all.

Rebecca L.

As a parent, you worry about sending your children off to school.  You want to make sure they are somewhere loving and nurturing. You want to make sure that they feel supported, and that they are appreciated for all their quirks and individual strengths.  You want to make sure that a sense of curiosity, a love of learning, and a strong sense of self are fostered. At CDSW, the director, teachers and staff work tirelessly to educate and nurture children.  Each child is loved, celebrated and cared for as an individual and as part of the day school community.  I have seen all 3 of my children thrive while at CDSW, and have loved watching them grow and develop while having fun and making friends. It is a truly unique and special place, and a place my children all have considered a home away from home.

Sarah K.

CDSW has provided our girls with a wonderful foundation to start off their educational years. It's nurturing environment has allowed them to learn, grow, and make amazing friendships.

Kristy R.

CDSW is such a warm, caring environment where children obviously thrive. It's like an extension of home for our little ones.  

Carrie P.

CDSW is our home away from home for our entire family. All three of my children have gone to CDSW. We have all made long lasting friendships that we will cherish forever. We are so thankful to have had the opportunity to go to such a wonderful and warm school.

Tara S.

Pam Ely takes an active interest in each of the children that comes through her door, and assesses them as individuals.  I find myself still asking her advice about my children who came through her door years ago and are well past the pre-school years.  She remains a wonderful source of guidance.

Betsy R.

CDSW has been such a wonderful place for our family.  Our oldest son spent 3 years there and is now in Kindergarten.  He is a young 5 and the teachers and curriculum at the day school helped prepare him to be a successful Kindergartener, both academically and socially. Our younger son is just starting his time there, enjoying the socialization and playtime in the 2's.   As parents, we have made many new friends and enjoy the community feeling of CDSW.